Izzy the Octopus is a wily MC!  She can make all kinds of wicked rhythms of the top of her head (and she can juggle too!).  She loves poetry! Izzy is the boss of Slime Station,  a giant room full of brightly coloured slime where Fun House visitors can get active and go for a swim or jump into the water slide.


Bamboozle the Panda is the clown of the bunch and always has a trick or two up his furry sleeve!  Bookwise he's obsessed with graphic novels and comics


Bamboozle runs the One Stop Prop Shop, which is ffilled from floor to ceiling to with wacky items that make you chuckle, from flowers that squirt water, giant glasses with fake noses and spinning bow ties.  Bamboozle is very creative and likes to make crafts and new props from objects he find around the Fun House.


Lily the Frog is the comic with perfect timing, never to be seen without her trusty joke book.


In the Fun House, Lily is the host of the Giggle Factory, where you'll often find her telling the most hilarious jokes!   Everyone is welcome to hop on stage and share the things that make them laugh, from jokes to songs to funny stories and sily dances.


Merry the Giraffe has a talent for telling tall tales and loves to relax with a spot of non-fiction.


Merry's favourite room is the LOL Library which is full of lots wonderfull books just waiting for readers to discover them!  Merry loves to chat and is great a recommending books which the Silly Squad and their friends will enjoy.

snookthepenguin Snook is the coolest member of the team. He's a fish guzzling fiend wno can't resist a funny novel

Snook looks after the comedy closet and the Silly Squad's amazing collection of fancy dress outfits, from rainbow capes and giant spotted trousers to princess dresses and carrot costumes. Any outfit can be a funny one, if you've got the right attitude